As an artistic person, I have always loved things that others may just pass right by and not notice. I find that I am more aware of little details than the average person, especially my husband who can drive by the same sign and months later realize it has been painted a different color. I have always been drawn to very unique pieces. While shopping has never been hard for me, I find that I would rather spend the day digging through the racks at TJ Maxx for that forgotten, passed over treasure than to just head straight into Banana Republic for the trendy item that everyone else will no doubt be wearing in a month. Don’t get me wrong, I love Banana Republic, I just have this thing where I don’t want what everyone else has.


While planning my own wedding, I stumbled across Was I ever in my own little heaven! I browsed for hours looking at everything from hand made cufflinks to veils. Beyond wedding items, Etsy has dishes, pillows, clothing, art, furniture, patterns and so much more. The best thing is, ALL OF IT IS HANDMADE! No one else can buy the same piece because everything is one of a kind, made with love by the “shop keepers”.


Etsy launched in 2005 and has since become a mecca for handmade items. Since its launch, Etsy has had more than two million sales and is constantly in the press from CNN, Forbes, the Martha Stewart Show, Entrepreneur to the New York Times Magazine.

If you’re planning your wedding, Etsy has thousands of unique options from dresses to favors and the best part is, no one else will have the same things! If you’ve never visited, go now! I guarantee you’ll be browsing for awhile and you will find something you love. Here’s my take on a wedding using only Etsy products, isn’t that wedding dress great?!?


Happy Shopping!



From left to right, top to bottom | Bridesmaid dress from Amanda Archer | Flower Necklace from HollywoodandVine | Invitation by EmilyInk | Bridal Clutch by ViaBella | Wedding Gown by KTJean | Flower Girl Dress by Nyra and Irene | Paper Cake by Rachelaakmama | Birdcage Veil by Twigs & Honey | Flower Pendant by Amber Sky |