It’s my birthday today. Not an important one, no big parties, just another day at work (though my coworkers had fresh waffles and Starbucks for me this morning) and a nice simple dinner at home with the husband tonight. It is raining outside which makes for a gloomy day, but snow is in the forecast and tomorrow could be a snow day. Wouldn’t that be lovely, one more snow day this year? A three day weekend sounds nice.


Since birthdays partner so well with cake, how about some yummy, pretty cakes to feast your eyes on? These cakes all look too good to cut but I’m sure they are delicious. I hope you don’t find your stomach growling as you read this J Have a great day!




Cakes from | Real SimpleClara Fench | Real Simple |

Second row | Martha Stewart |

Third row | Wedding Fanatic | Real Simple | Clara Fench |