The New York Bridal Market took place earlier this month. The bridal equivalent to Fashion Week, the Bridal Market showcases the new designs for upcoming seasons. While searching around to see what those fashions might be and where looks are headed, I found this dress:



Doesn’t it remind you of Laura Bennett’s dress from Project Runway Season Three? I vaguely remember the judges not being a fan of the collar and Michael Kors saying “”If you gave her a feather duster she looks like a French maid.”Well look at this design now! Sure, the sleeves are gone but the silhouette seems strikingly similar. If only the judges had the foresight to see that it would become a bridal gown when done in white and will most likely become a very popular style.



On another note, are you excited for Project Runway Season 6!?! After legal issues between NBC and Lifetime, the sixth season will finally air beginning August 20 on Lifetime instead of Bravo. Personally I don’t care what channel the show airs on and while Lifetime is far from my favorite, I will still be a religious Project Runway viewer. Another new development is a 30 minute show after Project Runway that will document the “behind the scenes” look from the models’ perspectives. That should be interesting!

 So back to the 2010 gown trends, according to Mark Brower, the designer of the Vineyard line at Priscilla of Boston he feels “bridal fashion is moving towards a softer and more relaxed look”. Flowers trends have certainly moved to a more relaxed look. The days of perfectly rounded bouquets are gone and Brides are now asking for a hand tied, just picked look for their bouquets. 2010 promises to bring new trends to the bridal industry. New is good! Stay tuned for more from the 2010 Bridal Market.