I’ve never watched MTV, I grew up without much TV and missed the wagon when it came to the Real World and music videos. I’ve never seen the Hills and my knowledge of Spencer and Heidi is limited to what I’ve seen at the checkout stands in the grocery store. While I don’t want to give Spencer and Heidi any more publicity than they deserve, their wedding reception was gorgeous and these pictures are traveling around in blog world like wild fire.


Keeping in line with their apparently (again from the smutty mags at the checkout counter) drama filled lives, their wedding did not disappoint. It seems the photographer, the amazing Noa of Feather Love Photography, that their planner had hired to shoot details was mistaken for paparazzi and asked to leave by Speidi as they cut the cake. The funny thing is, they hired an actual paparazzi to take their wedding pictures. How could anyone ask such a talented photographer to leave? Look at these photos people; this is what you want to see when you look back at your wedding, US Weekly doesn’t count for a wedding album. Read more about the whole debacle on Feather Love Photography’s blog. On another note, it never occurred to me to try to sell my wedding photos but thinking back I may have been able to recoup some of the cost of the wedding. Hmm, maybe they were on to something here.


Regardless of the drama of their evening, the décor in this stunning little Hollywood venue was gorgeous. Don’t you love those chandeliers? The floral arrangements were subtle and striking and complimented the design of the club beautifully. Daffodils and succulents made for a very modern and fresh take on spring. Isn’t that cake dreamy? It’s from Sweet Gems in Huntington Beach so getting it to Colorado may prove difficult. Enough talk, enjoy these pictures and if you’d like to see more visit Feather Love Photography’s Blog.



All photos are from the amazingly talented Noa at Feather Love Photography.