1.Before we were even dating you asked me to move away and be a ski bum.

2. When I’m upset you crack jokes until I break down and laugh.

3. You’re an optimist.

4. You always smell good.

5. When I ask you how I look you always say beautiful.

6. You don’t stay mad.

7. You sing horribly in the shower.

8. You are OCD in the kitchen and let me tease you endlessly.

9. You love to eat Mexican food, even on the side of a road in the middle of nowhere.

10. You are always willing to help out.

11. You are amazing with kids.

12. You are great to road trip with except when I forget to ask for cheese on you Sausage McMuffin.

13. You hide how smart you really are.

14. You like to cuddle.

15. You taught me how to be a kick ass snowboarder even when I took my board off and threw it at you.

16. You keep me warm.

17. You have no rhythm.

18. You are supportive of all of my crazy ideas.

19. You always wake up in a good mood.

20. You are the tallest person on my side of the family.

21. You are probably the oldest in all of your classes but you don’t mind.

22. You drive like a Grandma.

23. You love the outdoors.

24. I know eventually you will let me pick out the ugliest dog on earth and will love it regardless.

25. You are very supportive of your friends.

26. You listen to KOSI 101 in the car.

27. You can talk to anyone and make them feel like the only person in the room.

28. You have called me “baby” since the day we met.

29. You let me keep all of the random things I find even though our basement is almost full.

30. You gave me a circular saw and tape measure for my birthday.

31. You type like a third grader.

32. You’re sexy with gray hair.

33. I know you are going to be an amazing father someday.

34. You love me unconditionally.

35. You’ll always be seven years older than me.


Happy birthday babe! I hope you have a fabulous day!