Spring is officially here. Today it is close to 80 outside and the sun is shining strong. Wedding season is kicking into high gear along with spring cleaning and gardening. As the sun shines and the weather warms up, peonies will begin to bloom.


With the layers of lush, delicate petals in each bloom it is no wonder that peonies have become a very popular wedding flower. Peonies bloom in the palest of pinks to deep red and fuchsia and even creamy yellows and white. Peony blooms are large and lush and can be fragrant with a scent very reminiscent of a rose. The size of the bloom varies from single, semi-double and double flowers. The double flower peonies are often called a “bomb peony” because of the mass of petals exploding from the bloom. The most popular type of peony used in floral design is the Sarah Bernhardt. The Sarah Bernhardt peony features big, soft fluffy petals, perfect for a feminine bouquet.


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Late spring and early summer brides are lucky, the peonies growing season in the US is in May and early June. Though the peony is generally one of the most expensive blooms, their large size make them an affordable option for bouquets as you can use just a few blooms for each bouquet. If your heart is set on peonies as your wedding flower and your wedding falls outside of the US growing season you can pay a little more for imported flowers from New Zealand, China and Japan.

Enough with the talk, here are some gorgeous pictures for your eye’s delight.

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