The subject for today comes from the first tweet on my tweetdeck at twitter (follow me at Wedding Paper Divas were raving about The Blushing Bakeshop. It could also a reaction of my grumbling stomach.


Cupcakes are becoming a much more prevalent trend in events. The designs continue to evolve from those treats we all had as second graders celebrating a classmate’s birthday. Gone are the paper wrappers that peel half of the cake away and the sad showing of frosting. Today’s cupcakes are elegant pieces of art that add dimension and color to dessert spreads. Gorgeous baking cups feature die-cut lacy and delicate designs, adding to the overall “look” of the cake. Designs aren’t limited to just lace and flowers, trains, hearts, pumpkins, baskets and even cowboy boots can add that finishing touch, wrapping the treats up with some extra thought.


Find these wraps here:


Beyond the actual cup the cakes are baked in, the flavors are as limitless as their larger counterpart, cake. No longer are we limited to just chocolate or vanilla, and though I do love Funfetti, flavors are much more sophisticated these days. For instance The Blushing Bakeshop features this flavor:


Hannah, a vanilla cake with marshmallow filling, topped with a decadent chocolate ganache and rolled in Graham Cracker crumbs. Does that make your tummy swoon, mine is! If you aren’t a chocolate fan and prefer a healthier option say with fruit and veggies (not my style leave me the chocolate) they also have the Duracelle flavor with Carrot, walnut & pineapple cake topped with a Cream Cheese Frosting.


A few other fun flavors from The Blushing Bakeshop:


Alani – perfect with mojitos on a warm summer night
Rum coconut and pineapple cake topped with buttercream and fresh coconut


Bella Lucia – you can’t go wrong with Nutella!!!
Vanilla cake with Nutella center topped with a stracciatella Buttercream.
(Stracciatella: Vanilla with chocolate shavings)


Gwen – buttercream should be a food group
Chocolate cake filled with peanut butter topped with a peanut butter buttercream and chocolate swirl.


So on to frostings….as I said Buttercream should be its own food group, but did you know that some bakeries will do fondant designs which means the possibilities on top are endless. The possibilities are endless. If you’ve seen it on a cake, chances are it can be scaled to work on a cupcake.


Check back tomorrow for a few Denver bakeries with amazing cupcakes! All the pictures below are from The Blushing Bakeshop Enjoy! Oh, I apologize for the weird text issues, for the life of me I can’t figure out what is going on.