This year has proved to be an interesting one so far on so many different levels. The economy or lack there of has been in the media and while we hope it is turning around, perhaps it has been a good lesson for all of us in the wedding industry. Brides have gone back to the basics of the wedding celebration. I am seeing fewer and fewer blowout events with huge budgets. I love this!


In my opinion weddings were getting out of control. A wedding is a celebration of the union of two people. It is not about chair covers, welcome bags and the perfect favor tags. Too often Brides get caught up in “I have to have the perfect day or our whole life will be awful”. Your life as a married couple is not reflective of your wedding day. If that were the case my married life would reflect the fact that I had the stomach flu on our wedding day. Yuck. I didn’t have the perfect day and my Husband and I have both said that we enjoyed the day we were engaged much more than our actual wedding day.


That being said, how do you realistically plan the wedding of your dreams in this economy? Where do you start, how can you cut the budget, what is truly important? I’m challenging myself to come up with some recessionista tips for the next few weeks. From creating your guest list to booking the best venue for your money I will try to explore it all.