In an effort to save every penny possible we had a DIY wedding. It was a great day but did come with quite a few ups and downs. DIY can be intimidating to some brides. Take it one step at a time. Don’t get too overwhelmed with the small stuff. The internet offers so much inspiration it is easy to feel like you’ll never create anything as beautiful. You can! Look at the foundation and start at the bottom and remember, nothing comes magically and no amount of wishing will make it appear. It will be tough, there will be tears and it will be worth it.


I just read a great post by Christina at IntimateWeddings on the ups and downs of DIY, take a trip over and read it, then get to work on those projects. There will be a moment on your wedding day where you’ll look around and take it all in and say “that was worth it”.


My moment | photo by Sara Lazio |