Platinum Weddings – I watch this show and consider the time spent doing so “research”. As I watched an episode last night to clear out our TiVo list, I couldn’t help but think how ridiculous the whole show is. As someone in the wedding business it may strike you as odd that I don’t dream about landing a featured wedding but in all honesty I just find them ridiculous. I started in this industry in a very small floral shop and moved up to a very large event company and have even done flowers and design for a few platinum weddings myself. I don’t dream of working on any more, I prefer smaller more intimate affairs. I am the girl that gave floral design lessons to all of my bridesmaids two days before our wedding. They created my centerpieces while I made the bouquets. The love and time in those pieces was worth so much more than any centerpiece topping $1000.

I appreciate the design and the pure beauty that each wedding has but watching the show just turns me off towards the whole industry. If one good thing has come from the economic state of the world, it is the back to basics approach to weddings. We as a society are appreciating what the wedding is truly for, to join a couple in a lifelong union. It is not about keeping up with the Jones’.

Last night’s episode that set off my sour thoughts featured a Bride who had six, yes six, custom dresses for her wedding weekend. Maybe a part of me is a little jealous because her dress budget blew my entire wedding budget out of the water by, oh lets say at least 10 times. Her ceremony dress cost three times what my entire wedding did. Yes it was to die for and absolutely gorgeous but was it worth it?

The other thing that just gets me is when they start talking about the flowers. When the florist is naming off each country that the florals are specially flown in from the show twists it to make it appear as though this is the only bride with flowers from Peru. In reality most flowers you will use in your wedding are flown in from another country just for you. Where do you think orchids grow, Kansas? Your wedding flowers are just as exotic as those on the show.

I’m not bashing the couple, they were adorable and truly in love but I question the need for a show that is so extravegant and unattainable to the normal Jane. I suppose I may think differently if I did have $30,000 for a dress and an unlimited budget for designer jewelry to match.

Anyhow, I’ll leave you with a few pictures of the wedding from the show. Regardless of how much each dress cost they were all absolutely gorgeous and I would love to just try on her ceremony dress.

Visit the photo slideshow here for a great recap of the wedding: Sean Randall Photography


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