When I started gown shopping and actually paying attention to the beautiful gowns in the magazines, I found myself distracted by the models and their odd poses. I was interested in the dresses and not much else in the ads but for some reason one pose just stuck out.

The models are beautiful and I would definitely love to have their slim, perfectly proportioned bodies but their shoulders and collar bones were captured in such an unnatural stance that looked uncomfortable and just downright odd. Does hunching forward with hands on hips create a better silhouette for pictures? Does it accentuate the gown in ways that only the high end designers can see?

Honestly it just baffles me. Why put a gorgeous piece of fashion on a model and take pictures of both in a clearly uncomfortable and awkward pose. I follow many photographer’s blogs and have yet to see one that has asked a real bride to hunch her shoulders forward. Did each model just throw up to fit in the unnaturally tiny sample gown?

I like to think that I am forward thinking enough to spot the next big thing but never would I have though that this silly pose would have staying power for more than two years. I’m baffled and don’t get me started on the stunned expressions and open mouths.



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