Nope, not the crazy show, but this fabulous, fun wedding! Kristin and Paul were married at Hudson Gardens a few weeks ago and I was lucky enough to get to work with them. We have all been friends for years and when Kristin called before my wedding and said she and Paul were getting married I was so excited! Kristin was one of the most relaxed brides I’ve ever worked with and just wanted daisies. Lots and lots of daisies.

Kristin and Paul’s wedding was truly one of those weddings that stands out as HAPPY. Kristin was glowing and even had a little skip in her step coming back up the aisle. Her smile was contagious and  she and Paul were the last ones on the dance floor! The wedding was a blast and I enjoyed both bringing their vision to life and being a guest. And the cupcakes.

Congratulations guys, I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

All pictures are from the mega talented Sherri Barber and Bill Sallaz.The last picture is my husband and I with the happy bride.