A Practical Wedding has been and is one of my all time favorite blogs to follow. Meg (the author) has chronicled her wedding planning and the impracticality that is so hard to accept and/or follow in the world of weddings.

Her brutal honesty, transparency and just authenticity are refreshing in world of endless inspiration boards and beautiful photography. Go with what you want, it is your show and you only get to be there once.

Her wedding was a few weeks ago and her wedding graduate series featured her words today. This link has some of the best advice you’ll ever hear regarding planning a wedding. I’ll leave with my favorite part of the post,

“And, finally, the one thing I can tell you from the other side: the party will be wonderful, it will be joyful, it will be what you need it to be. But the real secret? The other side is better. The other side is something you’ve never quite felt before. The other side is worth it.”


It is worth it. It is unxexplainable but there is a different feeling that comes with being married, and it is a good one!