Remember domino magazine, “the guide to living with style”? Oh how I loved that publication, when it arrived in my mailbox I couldn’t wait to unfold the pages, the rooms, the colors, the inspiration. I have  an entire folder devoted to pictures of what I would like our home to look like someday, all torn from those magazines. When Conde Nast announced they were closing the doors and would no longer be publishing the magazine it was a sad day for many. Since then there has not been anything to fill the void of the perfect images and the even better advice and ideas. Sure, Architectural Digest is great and InStyle Home is nice but nothing really offers accessible design.You know, for those of us that can’t afford a $12,000 ottoman.

Until today! Lonny Magazine, an online magazine, launched this morning! While I will miss folding down every other page because I love everything on it and my keeping the magazines until my Husband asks what I plan on doing with each stack, this new publications seems to have filled that void. My favorite feature may be the new links that pop up when you roll over a piece that you like. Instant gratification my friends, you can buy it right from the magazine, danger!

The “pages” are filled with inspiration from IKEA and etsy (um two of my favorite places) even ebay and thrift stores. If you’re not into the DIY movement and reusing, there are also featured pieces from West Elm and Williams Sonoma. All very accessible, even to all of us in Denver! (IKEA in 2010,  but soon).

The magazine offers advice on fashion “Think about where you are buying something: garments sold in big box stores/franchises are made by the thousands; whereas boutiques provide much more special pieces and support smaller designers”, decorating and entertaining “always have fresh flowers in your home” (yep, don’t know why I love it so much).

Jump on over and check it out, you’ll be glad you did!