I don’t watch Oprah, generally I’m at work when it’s on and I never make a point to catch a show, rarely do I even see a preview. In my love of all things wedding, I’ve had to track down clips from Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s interview from Monday.

When you see them together, hear them talk and see thier short little wedding video it makes it even harder to accept that there are couples out there that are that much in love and can not legally get married. I won’t get all preachy about my views as I do believe that everyone is entitled to think what they want, but I do want to show you a few pictures from a wedding between two women that are clearly in love and deserve to legally call each other wife.



A few quotes from the show:


“It’s a legal stamp of validity. It’s hard to know it feels until it happens. I hope everyone gets to have that feeling. The thing about being a gay couple is that, in the past, you referred to your wife and there was quotation marks around it and people could snicker about it. Now, it’s fact, it’s law — she’s my wife. I get to say she’s my wife and it’s a fact.”

“I just walked over to say hello to her and I couldn’t believe it, but she turned around and it was like an arrow was shot through my heart. I was weak at the knees and I was overwhelmed with how I felt. But then it took me about 10 months to get the courage up to do something about it.”

And if you have a moment, take a look at their wedding video, not only was it a beautiful wedding (check out the awesome centerpiece) but their happiness is evident in every frame. That my friends, is what weddings are all about not the gender of the two people making the commitment.