One of my favorite parts about fresh snow is how it rests on tree branches. Trees with leaves are pretty and all but do leaves compare to fresh glittering snow? Not in my book. Using snow on branches as inspiration below are a few bouquet ideas that would be ideal for a winter wedding and a short list of some good winter white flowers.

Vendela roses (my favorite), scabiosa, twigs and miniature calla lillies create an elegant bouquet full of depth and texture.

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A bouquet style I’ve only seen one bride use and it was gorgeous! Using the natural curve of juniper boughs and a collection of white blossoms, a very unique bouquet wraps around the body and creates drama and style against a simple white dress.

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Silver brunia, white roses, ranunculus, mini pine cones and nerine lillies create this beatiful winter bouquet.

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A few good flowers for winter weddings:

Silver Brunia: it looks like suede buttons and creates a contrast in white bouquets with its gray and blue tones.

Nerine Lily: A delicate and whispy lily that usually has about 6-12 blossoms at the end of a leafless stem.

Tulips: Generally thought of as only a spring flowers, tulips availability

Roses: Roses are available year-round and are generally the most popular flower in floral design. A few good white rose species are: Vendela, Escimo, Blizzard and Avalanche.

Freesia: While it is available year-round it makes a great fragrant addition to a winter bouquet with its delicate flowers.

Anemone: Another one of my favorites. The stark black of the center against the crisp white petals creates lots of contrast in bouquets.

Amaryllis: seeing amaryllis come around in the floral world means the holidays are here. This large bloom works great as a focal point in a bouquet or several blooms tied together create a stunning white piece.

Agapanthus: Similar to the nerine lily in looks, several blossoms sit atop a long stem. A great way to add texture to a bouqet.

Dusty Milller: A soft, silvery leaf great for adding in a silver blue color.