I’ve been wanting to write a post like this for quite awhile but that Meg lady over at  A Practical Wedding beat me to it, and well, frankly she probably said it better than I could. On the subject of not loving your wedding or what people want you to have for your wedding, here’s a snippet. Visit A Practical Wedding for the rest of the story:

“For the not-yet-wed:

No matter how many times people tell you that the wedding is YOUR DAY, it’s not. The wedding is ‘our day.’ It’s a day for you and it’s a day for the people who love you. Make your decisions accordingly.”

For all that the wedding is not your day, it is YOUR WEDDING. Period.

For those already wed:

It actually doesn’t matter if you liked your wedding. It matters that you can talk honestly about it, it matters that you come to terms with your feelings about it, that you understand what mistakes you made, but it literally does not matter if you liked it.

Didn’t like your wedding? Well. Excellent. Because you have a lifetime of entertaining ahead of you, and now you can make each party better than the wedding.”


No matter where you are in wedding planning, just beginning, in the throws or long gone, take a minute and read the full post. You’ll be glad you did.