I’m obsessed with color. When I graduated from college I applied to be a color forcaster for Nike, in college one of my favorite classes was color theory and my thesis (major research to graduate, they don’t call it a thesis in art school) was written on color in industry. I love colors. I used to sort my box of 96 Crayolas (yep I was lucky enough to not have to settle for just 24) into color ranges with each tone moving right into the next, my crayons looked like a beautiful paint swatch.

Where do the hot, new colors come from? Who gets to decide what will be the next black? Well generally we see color trends set from fashion. Fashion Week in New York and Paris set the tone for colors. Have you noticed that the first time you see some of the colors used in Fashion Week you think the designers are a little crazy. Some of the trends that come back are crazy, why oh why are we reliving the 80’s? Isn’t that an era that never needed to come back?

Looking at this year’s Spring 2010 Fashion Color Report from Pantone, the worlds leading color authority, the new “it” colors for this spring are bright with a few muted neutrals. Turquoise is already all the rage so their forcast, first published in fall of 2009 seems to be spot on.

In an effort to blog more on weddings but to keep a somewhat different subject matter than every other wedding related blog I want to delve into colors for the next few weeks. How can one color translate to several different palattes? How does color covey mood, how can colors be used in a timeless way and how to incorporate colors into your wedding planning.

My first posts will be on the first color in the Pantone report, turquoise. Turquoise ranges from the bright, bold turquoise of a peacock feather to the light aqua tones you see in the sky. It is a color that has an endless range and can be paired with numerous other colors to create moody and light hearted events.

Paired with deep jewel tones, it can feel warm and moody and creates a dramatic backdrop for any event. An event with jewel tones would be great for a late fall or winter wedding. The colors are lush and extravagent and have a majestic feel.  Take a look at how turquoise can be paired with dramatic tones to create a royal, elegant and rich feeling event.


I lost all of the photo credits in a fight with my computer but if you really want to know where the pictures came from email me at lauren@itsquintessential.com.