Mel, a fabulous woman inside and out, in real life and online, has started a new blog featuring finds. I’ve posted a few things about etsy on this blog here and here. I’ve purchased a few things, including the chandelier piece earrings I wore in our wedding, and have been thrilled with everything.

If you’ve ever tried to navigate through the hundreds of thousands of amazing listings on etsy, you’ll appreciate Mel’s blog. She explores the handmade world and posts her finds making it much easier for the non-searching types to find exactly what they’re looking for. The pictures are there with a link to the seller’s shop, how easy could it be. You can take Mel’s advice on style too, she’s a pretty fashionable lady!

Add it to your reader, become a follower….you may find yourself just as big an etsy addict as I am, and well, that could be dangerous.

Here’s a little preview of today’s post, who doesn’t need a fabulous bag? Follow her here.