You may not know this about me but Antrhopologie is like Mecca in my life. There is just something about that store that is calming, inspiring and makes me want to be more creative. The clothes are unique, the home goods are fabulous and the merchandising, well it’s just like no other.

I received the new Anthropologie catalog a few weeks ago and was blown away by their use of flowers and botanicals in the pictures. Flowers in the model’s hair, flowers used upside down and completely out of context in their product. The catalog was genius, but then again, I’m biased, I think the whole company is genius.



There are quite a few things I wouldn’t wear at Anthropologie, the shoes below are an example but the way they are camoflaged in the leaves of the plant is just so creative and gorgeous:

Anyhow, the whole point of this post is to spread the word the Anthropologie and their parent company Urban Outfitters, Inc. have announced their new venture into bridal! They will offer heirloom wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses and wedding accessories! The concept, still unnamed, will launch a website in spring 2011 that brides to be will be able to schedule local fittings before branching into stores.

With all of the Antrhopologie inspired weddings out there, this is sure to be a huge success for the brand, I for one will be waiting and can’t wait to see what they introduce to the market. Their gowns will be in the $750 to the $5000 range with bridesmaid dresses starting around $200.


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