If you’ve never been to the Lumber Baron Inn in Denver, you’re missing out. It is a beautiful mansion set in Denver’s Highlands neighborhood.  In 1991 the abandoned apartment building was rescued and has been refurbished to relfect it’s original Victorian design.

The Lumber Baron hosts numerous events throughout the year, from weddings (just did the flowers for a bride there a few weeks ago) to meetings and event Murder Mystery Parties. Today’s Groupon (if you don’t know what Groupon is, definitely sign up) is a VIP ticket package to Icing Bridezilla, a comedy/murder mystery/wedding reception including a three course dinner, a glass of beer or wine, digital photo and a souvineer hat or t-shirt. In otherwords, $29 for an awesome night out with your girlfriends!

Below is the information from the Groupon site, act fast, these deals are only around for one day!

A picture of a Lumber Baron Wedding from Kabloom Studios for more, visit their website.




Icing Bridezilla begins at cocktail hour in the parlors, where guests mingle with the professional actors behind the eccentric cast, including the titular bride and perhaps even a soon-to-be murderer. Once the ice is fully broken, patrons will head to the ballroom, where the three-course dinner provided by The Food Guy Catering will be served with a warm glass of comedy and a cold side order of murder. Unite the collective brainpower of your table while enjoying entrees such as the lemon-honey brined and grilled chicken breast with a lemon and pancetta reduction sauce. Nibble on homemade lemon custards for dessert while enjoying the hilarious conclusion to the wedding-themed web of deception that the audience will help unravel. (Check out the full menu about a quarter way down the page here.)

The production takes place inside a majestic three-story Victorian mansion built by an actual 19th-century Scottish lumber entrepreneur. One glimpse of the Lumber Baron Inn’s lavish wooden interiors will have your magnifying-glass grip gesticulating wildly in anticipation. The shows are crowd pleasing and pressure free-the amount of interaction with the cast is entirely up to each guest. Call ahead to make reservations.