I read a lot of wedding magazines, wedding blogs, florist blogs and photographers blogs which means I see a lot, A LOT of wedding pictures. There are times when they all blur together and I cruise through quickly in an effort to keep my google reader under 1000 things to read. However, there are a few times each week that a wedding absolutely stands out and I take the time to actually look at each picture and read the copy.

The new Martha Stewart Weddings is out this week and the magazine highlighted one of the coolest weddings I’ve seen in quite awhile! From the handmade apricot dress to the hearts on the sidewalk under the Brooklyn Bridge, this wedding is cute, sweet, terribly creative and will be added to my favorites file.

These pictures came via 100 Layer Cake from Photographer Ann Rozenblat. Take a look and jump over to 100 Layer Cake and Martha Stewart to see more!


The dress was handmade.


Hearts on the sidewalk with messages led guests to the ceremony.

The bridal party played “Here Comes the Bride” on kazoos as they marched the huppa in.

The coolest huppa ever, designed by a former Anthropologie coworker of the bride.