I’m not sure what it is but for some reason it seems as though the color of the year is purple, plum or magenta. I’ve got a few weddings lined up with shades of purple and while each uses the hue of royalty, each wedding is unique in its own right.

It was a soggy day for Joe and Alicia but neither of them seemed to mind. For June, this wedding felt like it was March, I showed up with the flowers wearing a scarf, long sleeves and jeans if that tells you anything about the temps that day. Alicia and Joe were troopers, pulling out the umbrellas and moving the ceremony inside The Inn at Hudson Gardens. It may have been a downpour outside but the weather didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits and the cozy Inn with two roaring fireplaces kept the guests warm and dry.

The very talented Rene Tate shared these awesome photos of their beautiful day.


The gorgeous girls!

The Stylin’ Groom

Love this picture, the color of the sky intesifies the colors of the dresses and the flower in Alicia’s hair, just perfect!