I’m a design junkie. There I’ve admitted it. I follow hundreds of blogs, if not to read, then to be inspired by teh pictures as I scroll through google reader. I DVR tons of HGTV, Bravo and Food Network shows, I hoarde design magazines, I shop simply to see window displays and I frequent Anthropologie just to see what they use for mechandising. I’m a junkie.

Tonight is the Finale of Design Star on HGTV. I would link it but I haven’t watched it and I really don’t want google to spoil the end tonight. If you’ve been watching then you’re probably familiar with the final two contestants. Michael, a fabulous gay man with the cutest smile and Emily Henderson, a sweet Mormon-raised girl with some serious style. I’ve been rooting for Emily the whole time, she seems like a girl that I could just sit and have wine with any night of the week, and she’s a prop stylist, a job I never knew existed until a few years ago and one that I would kill to have.


I just came across her blog, The Brass Petal, a few days ago and tonight while I’m waiting for my DVR to get a few commercial breaks ahead, because really who wants to watch commercials when you can fast forward, I decided to start at the beginning. Rarely do I ever read someone’s blog from the beginning/ Let’s be honest, rarely do I read, I’m a pictures girl. This blog however captured my attention, her style is fabulous and some of the things she writes feel like they’ve been taking word for word from my life, this post is a great example.

Take a look, stay awhile and get to know this girl, if she doesn’t make it tonight, she’s certainly going to sometime soon! I have my fingers crossed she wins! I’m off to watch.