I was just perusing facebook and saw a post from Kelley Kakes about helping spread the word about Kelley Kakes. If you haven’t heard of Kelley I’ll tell you about her. AMAZING and YUMMY. Yep, those two words sum it up. You know when you go to a wedding and the cake is less than memorable, the frosting tastes like plastic and the cake is dry? This doesn’t happen at a Kelley Kakes wedding! Your guests will remember the cake, seriously  I know from experience. I still hear about our cake and we just celebrated our second anniversary.

Back when we had our cake tasting with Kelley for our wedding I had the flu, I ended up not being able to taste much but we did decide on red velvet, spice cake and Bailey’s Irish Creme flavors for our cakes. Each cake had the most amazing buttercream frosting I’ve ever had to top it off.  I was so excited for our wedding day to actually get to eat her cake. I had the flu on our wedding day too and didn’t eat anything. Luckily our top tier made it into the freezer and on our one year anniversary it was heavenly.  Oh, it was so good, I had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner until it was gone and then I made sure all of the fluffy buttercream made it into my mouth by way of my fingers. Just thinking about it now has my stomach wanting more.

If you’re planning a wedding and have a vision for your cake, call Kelley! She’s a wonder woman, seriously. Here are a few of her cakes from her facebook gallery. Go like her on facebook too! Check out her website for more, www.kelleykakes.com. If you don’t have a wedding in the works, she does birthdays and “I think I need a cake” days too!


Does this say Colorado wedding or what?



Any my personal favorite – my wedding cake.

And our Groom’s cake