Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? Looking for something fabulous for the table before the bird is presented? Make it yourself, here’s an easy centerpiece idea that won’t break the bank and will look stunning on your table:

Start with three candles in varying heights. When you’re designing for a centerpiece that will have people eating around it, stick with non-scented candles. No one wants the smell of an English garden to compete with pumpkin pie.

On your next trip to Target or Hobby Lobby, grab a box of seasonal vase filler. This can usually be found close to the vases and picture frames, don’t mistakenly grab potpourri.  These have all the pieces you need to create that textured look around the candles. While you’re at Hobby Lobby pick up some ribbon, orange, red, brown and copper work great in autumn designs and a few yards of burlap material for a runner.

On your way home, stop and grab any twigs you see, in your yard or at the park, they’re free!

Once you’re home, hot glue or double stick tape a piece of the ribbon around your candles. Keep it close to the base of your candle so it grounds it to your table. Cut the burlap to fit the center of your table, generally speaking table runners are around 18″ wide and hang over about 6″ from the table ends.

Arrange the candles, vase filler and twigs around your candles on top of the burlap and your finished project should look close to this:

Centerpiece Photo from |here|