Oddly enough, one of the top referrers for this blog is winter white weddings. Who knew winter weddings were so popular. My original post, here, featured lots of different flowers and bouquets that would work great with a winter theme. With today being the first snowy day of the season in Colorado, let’s do another post on winter white weddings.

Truth be told, if I could do my wedding over again I would probably have it in January up in the mountains surrounded by snow, fireplaces and lots of candles. There is just something so romantical about snow. It just makes you want to cuddle, hold a warm mug of hot chocolate and stare out the windows. We had our wedding in October, it could have been snowing but it was a balmy, perfect 75 outside. We were lucky and had a very cool evening so the candles and fireplaces were ablaze, but a little snow would have been the icing on the cake.

Pine cones and Baby’s Breath – the quintessential combination for a rustic winter feel. If you’ve seen pictures of my wedding or you’ve been in my basement, you may know that I have a slight obsession with pine cones…I have boxes and bags of them, it drives my husband crazy. I love them. They’re great for all sorts of decoration especially weddings in Colorado.

Baby’s breath, well I have a love hate relationship with that little gem. Baby’s breath with a dozen roses, that just screams cheap filler flower to me and to be honest that visual is probably why 90% of the time when I bring it up I get an eye roll or an “I hate baby’s breath, it’s just like carnations” response from brides. Used in creative ways, bunched together and allowed to shine on its own, baby’s breath is a very simple, elegant flower with airy, snowy characteristics.

So, if I was planning my winter white wedding, here’s what my inspiration board would look like today.

The dress, invitations and pinecone place cards are photos from my wedding shot by the fabulous Sara Lazio.


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