If you’re looking for a way to incorporate fresh flowers on a budget into your holiday decor, here is an easy centerpiece idea that will work on any size table and can be created many different ways.

Start with some carnations, white or red are great colors for the holidays, you can grab them at your local shop or the grocery store. They are cheap and go a long way. For all of you out there that just hate carnations, give it up for this arrangement. They’re cute, don’t look cheap and really give a great soft effect.

If you’ve got a silver candlestick hanging around, take the candle off and use it as your base. Go to Hobby Lobby or Michaels and pick up a wet foam floral ball. Generally speaking you want your ball to be in the same size range as your candlestick. If you’re candle stick is really delicate, you’ll want a smaller ball, if it’s chunky and has some weight it can handle a larger arrangement on top.

Soak your foam ball in a sink full of cool water for at least 30 minutes. You want the foam to be completely soaked through. Once your foam is wet, set it on top of your candlestick and start adding the flowers. Take the stems off of the carnations and place them evenly around the ball.

Once all of the foam is covered, you’re left with this:

Image from |here|

Try adding two more of the same arrangements in different heights in the middle of your table for added drama.


If you’re ready to take it to the next level here are a few variations:

-Use roses and hydrangea for added texture

-Spray paint some twigs from your yard with silver paint and some spray glitter for a winter-wonderland look

– Experiment with different containers, a glass square with the flower ball floating on top would look like snowballs, set the flowers directly on the table or stack them and decorate them like snowballs.

-Have fun!


Image from |here|

Image from |here|