It’s January. The time of year when resolutions are made, intentions are good and change is in the air. I have in my head what my resolutions are. Quite a few are the same resolutions I made last year but never got around to (mainly the extra 20 pounds that like to hang around) but some I’ve made are based on what I learned last year.

2010 was incredibly busy, too busy. By July I had burned myself out. Too many late nights at the office combined with too few days off and I was done in the beginning of event season. By September I was questioning if I could ever do another event. My passion was dried out and my job had become just that, a job.  I took out my stress on my family and friends and no matter what I did I couldn’t break out of the fog that had captured my creativity.

In October after pretty much six months without a day off we took a vacation to the Oregon coast for a weekend and then stayed home and did only what I wanted to do for another week. No work. Other than a plane ticket, car and hotel reservation we had no plans. When you plan things for a living sometimes the perfect thing is to just be able to live in the moment. The coast was beautiful. I came home with a renewed spirit, the knowledge that comes with pushing yourself too hard and the blessing of looking back on it and learning how to change.

Once home, rested and clear headed my creativity slowly came back, my patience came back and so did friends and family. I know that I can’t ever take on a year like 2010 and I know how important it is to accept my limits. I decided that my plan for all sorts of homemade holiday gifts and decorations just wasn’t in the cards and I wasn’t let down. Amazon worked great for ordering gifts and the gifts were enjoyed just as much as if they had been homemade (at least it seemed that way). My grand idea for Christmas cards turned into a simple idea printed and cut out on paper I had at home and they were great.  I didn’t get the cards out before Christmas and I didn’t let it bother me. I dropped them off at the post office and you know what – no lines! I’m pretty sure I will be sending out Happy New Year’s cards in the years to come :). I didn’t do laundry over the holidays and I didn’t bake any cookies either. It was great.

My number one, most important, not going to slip up and forget resolution this year – to accept my limitations.  I cannot allow myself to question what I do simply because I’m too tired to realize that my job is important and impacts many lives. Too tired is a sorry excuse for lack of passion.

So, if you followed me on facebook last year or had the unpleasant experience of talking to me last summer, I won’t be like that again, I won’t go to that place. I am blessed to have a job, a job where I get to work with some pretty amazing and creative people and they allow me to be a part of their most important days. I am so thankful and looking forward to what 2011 will bring!