I recently read an article about the social web and overexposure. It inspired me to write a “Wedding Graduate” post from the perspective of a wedding vendor. I send it to Meg and her team at A Practical Wedding so it could be passed on to those beyond the realm of my blog.  I truly believe that the internet has been one of the most amazing tools introduced to the wedding industry in the last 10 years and while it provides endless inspiration it can also hinder and intimidate and be flat out scary.

Jump over to A Practical Wedding and read more of my perspective. While you’re over there, be sure to add this wonderful blog to your reader. I have been following since Meg started planning her wedding in 2008 and I’ve always let it be my “gut check” and the perspective you can gain from reading “Wedding Graduate” posts and “Reclaiming Wife” is so valuable. It’s not all about the wedding, it’s about the marriage and who you are in the whole process. The opportunity to learn from those that have been down the same road before you is priceless. Seriously, read the blog, read all of it!