Truth be told…I am terrible at left and right especially while driving. If my husband says turn left ahead I ask for a hand signal – as in I need him to point left for me. I make the “L” with my hands and that helps sometimes. I’m right handed but golf left handed, I can paint with both hands and really throw people off when I move my computer mouse to the left side of my keyboard to switch things up every once and a while.

I can’t figure out what direction left is and I can’t tell you what side right is on. I’m guessing that’s why I’m so organized and disorganized, artistic and thorough, detail driven and carefree. My brain is equal parts left and right, it doesn’t have a dominant side. It’s confused most days, struggles to decide which side to lean on and has limits and is limitless in all of what I do.

I saw this ad from Mercedes-Benz on another blog today and love it. Graphically speaking, it’s gorgeous, content-wise, it’s to the point. Easy to understand for both sides of the brain. Visually you can look and it makes sense, it’s pretty for the right side of your brain, if you read the words and ignore the artwork it makes sense to the left side.

image from |here|

My left side…I’m analytical, I make sure everything works before it happens. I like to test it out and be strategic, I don’t like to waste time on things that don’t work. Often in my office I’m the one that shuts bad ideas down before we waste time and effort. I don’t jump into things without a lot of thought and pre-thinking outcomes. I plan, plan and plan more.

My left side lacks in the numbers department. In fact it’s quite a joke in our hallway that I cannot do math. I can’t, numbers frustrate me beyond belief. Creating floral contracts and proposals is the hardest thing I do at Quintessential. I spend more time making sure each number is correct and that I’ve kept everything in my profit margin and that it makes my clients happy. It is a little ridiculous. There are many days when I wish I had a package with one number and I could send it out. After all I did go to art school and math classes weren’t a part of my curriculum. This is a good thing or I may have never made it out of college.

My left side knows exactly who it is, I’ve relied on this side of my brain for the majority of the jobs I’ve had, I used my left side to buy a car, a house and use it daily to plan events. I know limits, I abide by them and I make things work within them. My left side keeps me in check.

Oh my right side, how I love it so! While I’m thankful for the sensibilities of the left director in my brain, I’m so intrigued by the right side. Limitless, un-apologetic, passionate and flexible. I imagine crazy things, I daydream, I lose track of all sorts of things and I love it.

My right side is where the flower arrangements come from, where Quintessential came from and where my free spirit lives. I thrive in environments where I’m allowed to push the boundaries and think freely, where trust is given and I can run with it. I am everything I want to be yet I know I can be so much more because, there aren’t any limits to passion.


I yearn to explore my right side more. Unfortunately my left brain keeps telling me things like “I have a wonderful full time job that challenges me, I have to make money to pay the mortgage, I have health insurance and stability and amazing opportunities where I’m at”. My right side says “who cares, you’ll never know until you try, take the jump there will always be another place to land, there will be opportunities you’ll never know about until you take that leap of faith”.

If you’ve figured it out, yes my right side is trying to figure out how to make Quintessential a full time job. I battle with this everyday, more on the days like today that start at the flower wholesaler. Flowers make my right brain jump for joy. More to come on that in later posts…until then I’ll celebrate that I am lucky enough to have both sides of my brain equally involved in big decisions.