I need to have a party for myself so I can register here! Do you already have all of the kitchen gadgets that you need, love eating out and are you struggling to find something to put on a registry because your mom says you have to?

Look no further,  Foodie Registry is exactly what you need! They’re launching a Denver registry soon! It’s like someone is giving you date nights after your wedding, belive me after you pay for a wedding and a honeymoon, anyone that is willing to front the cash for a date for you and your spouse is a blessing.

From their site:

Foodie Registry was started by a couple of Chicago foodies who love nothing more than the experience of a great meal at a fabulous restaurant. The company is based on two simple ideas. First most couples already own many of the items found on a traditional registry. Second, people love good food. Put that together and what do you get? A restaurant gift registry. For foodies. A Foodie Registry.

Whether you’re building your own registry or buying gifts from someone else’s, Foodie Registry is absolutely FREE. It’s very simple to use because it works just like a traditional registry, except we let you register for romantic nights at some of the hottest and most delicious restaurants in your city.

I’m sold, can’t wait to see what restuarants make it on the Denver list! Learn more at their site here.

It’s not limited to weddings, baby showers, birthdays….hmmm I really could register and just send it to friends to see how much they really love me, ha!