I said last week I would post my list of 30 things to do while 30 on Monday. I was slammed yesterday, too many emails and tasks to get through to even think about 30 additional things. That being said, my first thing on the list….blog more, ha! Here goes….follow my journey this next year as I check everything off!


1. Blog more – I’m terrible at blogging. I really would like to blog more for Quintessential and I’ve also been toying with the idea of a totally random blog with posts about anything and everthing.

2. Finish getting tattoo removed – yes, I have a tattoo I hate. Got it when I was 18 to be a little rebellious and have really regretted it since then. I started the removal process before we got married and haven’t quite finished it yet. Honestly it’s the most painful thing I’ve ever done if only for a few seconds at a time. I probably have about two sessions left and I just keep putting it off for no good reason. If you’re looking for someplace that does removals, check out Ink-B-Gone, they’re great!

3. Learn how to use my fancy DSLR camera – I bought a Nikon last year and have yet to actually learn how to use it. I love the pictures it takes on auto mode but really bought it to be able to experience photography on another level. I took photography classes in high school and have been hooked ever since. First thing to do is to purchase a new lens, the factory lens isn’t too inspiring to work with.

4. Learn calligraphy – as a girl that’s been obsessed with typography for a very long time I can’t freehand it. I swoon over calligraphy invitations and addresses on envelopes. As far as I can tell it just takes practice and patience.  There are plenty of books out there to help.

5. Hike a Fourteener – I’ve done one back when I was in super shape years ago. I summited in the morning and went to work as a bartender that night. Pretty sure that won’t be happening again but I do want to hike myself up to 14,000ft again and why not do it this summer?

6. Make 30 things and give them away – I have tons of ideas for crafts, paper projects and floral designs that are piled up on little pieces of paper and in my email box. I have good intentions, I’ve even purchased most of the supplies to make these ideas but I never follow through. I’ll blog my way through them…that will help me blog more too 🙂

7. Shoot a gun – I’ve never fired a gun and I’ve always really wanted to. A trip to the shooting range is in store…watch out!

8. Pay off credit card – We don’t use our credit card but we sure did when I was the only one in our household with a job. I would love to have the debt gone forever…if only I could redirect my spending habits toward our balance.

9. Make homemade butter – It looks fun and not too hard. How to here.

10. Make Beef Bourguignon – hey, why not? I have no idea what it is but it must be good because when I googled the recipe it said it was one of the best recipes known to man. We’ll see…

11. Lose 20 pounds – started working on that around New Year’s, lost eight and as of yesterday have gained all eight back. SO, here goes the quest to lose again. Back to counting points and back to working out regularly. This will likely come in handy when I attempt number 5 on the list.

12. Start an etsy shop – back to number 6, my list of things to make is long and I truly believe I would be happy managing a shop selling my creations.  This gets me one step closer to Quintessential being my full time job too.

13.  Learn to sew – one thing I just cannot grasp is sewing which is really a shame considering I have endless ideas of things to make.

14. Finish our wedding album– two and a half years…it still isn’t done.

15. Watch the top 10 movies on IMDB – I’m often the target of jokes at dinner when it comes to movie talk…I just haven’t seen any. Hopefully 10 is an attainable goal.

16. Buy a piece of art

17. See the entire Denver Art Museum – I haven’t been to the new wing yet and it’s been there for quite a while. I cannot tell you how many times I went to the museum in college but I just haven’t ever made it back.

18. Write in a Journal – maybe this goes back to number one, I could use a blog as a journal and that would cross of two!

19. Redesign my website – I built this site and to be honest it was my first attempt at website design. I would love to upgrade to a WordPress platform and sell ad space on my blog, expand my gallery and overall just have a cooler looking website.

20. Throw a party – I plan events every day. We’ve lived in our house for more than a year and I think five of our friends have seen it. I want to throw a huge, beautiful party for everyone, a party where I get to pick everything 🙂

21. Network more with people in my industry – I’m shy, I don’t like to be in a room where I don’t know a single person and I let that hold me back from attending functions that I know would be beneficial.

22. Attend a yoga class – I did yoga while living in New York but haven’t really done it since.

23. Start a real garden

24. Can something – preserves, salsa, pickles….

25.  Buy truffle oil and really good olive oil – I’ve always wanted to have both in my cabinets but haven’t actualy ever bought them

26. Send birthday cards – I set out to do this last year but settled for simple facebook posts. Everyone likes getting something in the mail.

27. Have photos of myself taken that I really like – I had headshots done with Sara Lazio a few years ago and I love them, it’s time for an update though….

28. Spend a week without internet – can’t be that hard can it?

29. Invest in a really expensive pair of boots – Frye has been calling my name for years and I know I would wear them until they die.

30. Transition to Quintessential full time – shhh, don’t tell my boss. I’m not sure how feasible this truly is but it’s my dream.


There you have it, my list of 30. I’ll keep you updated as I go. I really want to knock everything off of it!