It’s been a few months, well really four months since I put up my 30 while 30 list. I’m a quarter of the way through being 30 and here’s the update. Five down and 25 to go.



1. Blog more –  Ha, still getting around to this one. Seriously, between keeping up with all of the events between my two jobs and trying to get our house ready for baby, this has fallen into the not quite as important list. I will have lots of pretty pictures of this year’s weddings coming soon though!

2.Finish getting tattoo removed well, since my tattoo is on my stomach and I’m currently housing a percolating human in there, it will have to wait until next year. I don’t want to be blasting crazy lasers at my baby just because I’m vain.

3. Learn how to use my fancy DSLR camera – still need to buy a new lens, the kit lens is terrible but I will accomplish this!

4. Learn calligraphy – haven’t even started, maybe for Christmas cards or baby announcements?

5. Hike a Fourteenerunfortunately getting knocked up really makes hiking hard. This is out until I’m 31 as well.

6. Make 30 things and give them away – am I allowed to count bouquets? Ha, I have a list of inspiration of things to make, Christmas should be good for my family and friends!

7. Shoot a gun – still on the list.

8. Pay off credit card – paying down the balances but we’re also trying to build our savings for when baby arrives.

9. Make homemade butter – definitely need to get on this!

10. Make Beef Bourguignon – looks like the perfect fall recipe to try.

11. Lose 20 pounds – well, I suppose this could still happen, I’m currently gaining and when baby comes I’m sure losing 20 will be long from the minimum I’ll want gone.

12. Start an etsy shop – Done! Now I just need to stock it with some fun things. Need to start making things to sell ASAP.

13.  Learn to sew – still need to sign up for a class, it doesn’t help that we sold my old sewing machine in a garage sale this summer, I gave up fighting that piece and a new one is on the list.

14. Finish our wedding album– hmm, I should get on this or I’ll have a baby album and wedding alubum to finish.

15. Watch the top 10 movies on IMDB – we cancelled cable so this should be easy to accomplish now.

16. Buy a piece of art – have plans for the Fall Horseshoe Market, something perfect will be there I just know it!

17. See the entire Denver Art Museum – may have to do this in 2012

18. Write in a Journal – started a different private blog with my thoughts, not doing so good on keepign up with it.

19. Redesign my website – I have the ideas and need to just sit down and do it.

20. Throw a party – Planning on something for late September

21. Network more with people in my industry – still not doing too good at this but I have met some really wonderful people.

22. Attend a yoga class – maybe I’ll have to add a pre-natal class to my list.

23. Start a real garden- got nowhere on this, unfortunately the bathroom was where we decided to put our efforts this spring. Maybe next year.

24. Can something – peach preserves are on my list!

25.  Buy truffle oil and really good olive oil – Not yet

26. Send birthday cards – Gah, I’m doing terrible at this

27. Have photos of myself taken that I really like – just scheduled some for Oct 2!

28. Spend a week without internet – Sign me up! I’m ready!

29. Invest in a really expensive pair of boots – Fall is around the corner, the perfect pair is out there.

30. Transition to Quintessential full timecoming next April!!! WOO HOOO!!!!!