I am not a web designer. I know very little about web/html and fake it through most of the time. Here’s an example of my skills: a few weeks ago while trying to update a site for a client I managed to change all of the pictures from those from the event to a scrolling Michael Jackson slideshow. How, I’m not sure. I did fix it but not without some choice words being directed at my computer.


I designed the Quintessential website. It’s basic and when I was starting out, it was perfect. I was able to get it up and running in a few days and it has certainly worked well since then. I’m ready for a change.

Things may be a little quieter around here for awhile (as if they can get quieter with my blogging history). I am in the process of transitioning to a new site and am doing it myself. I’m hoping I don’t run into any rogue MJ videos but we’ll see how it goes.

Stay tuned for a new and exciting site soon! In the meantime, come be my friend on facebook