It has been quite awhile since I’ve updated the blog. Lots has happened since that last post, life has certainly been busy. In December I left my full time “real”  job to pursue the possibilities of being a full time small business owner. On the last day of 2011 we welcomed our son, Finnegan Patrick to the world. As I’m typing this now, he’s in his swing happily sleeping away next to my desk. I spent January becoming used to my new role as a mother and as February is here, I’m now learning how to balance owning a business and working from home with being a mom too.

Last year in January I wrote this post on accepting my limitations. 2011 was humbling for sure. With two jobs I was busy and exhausted for the majority of the events season. It was hard, there were a few weddings I worked where I was barely holding down my cookies and felt like holding up my eyelids with toothpicks. The books are finally closed on 2011 and as 2012 kicks off, I’m excited for what this year has to bring. I’ve booked more weddings for this year than the previous three and each and every bride has unique and fresh ideas that are keeping my inspired and excited for what’s ahead.

I’ve also just finished the brand new website for Quintessential! Wow, was that a labor of love. I don’t know too much about websites but learned enough to create the site and I’m pretty excited about it. The website is just one of the exciting new things coming from Quintessential for 2012. Keep your eyes out for lots more!