A little personal glimpse into life around here…

I’m two months into motherhood and they don’t lie, it’s an adventure and there are days where every limit feels like it has been hit. Life has been crazy since Finnegan joined us on New Year’s Eve. An unexpected lay off for my husband two weeks after we came home from the hospital took the sheer bliss of having a perfect baby boy right out of our hands. While we processed the shock, anger and every other emotion that one must feel before the acceptance of our new circumstance set in, we were also learning how to cope with a newborn. It hasn’t been easy and there have been many moments where it has certainly been hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We’ve learned a lot about ourselves, our relationship and our new normal.

While to some it may seem tough to see any good in a layoff with a newborn, for us, it isn’t the hardest thing life has thrown our way and thankfully we know how to cope with the challenges life can present. We’ve been incredibly blessed in the past two months. Our friends and family remind us daily that we’re supported and loved and we are so thankful for each kind gesture and all of the kind words of support we’ve received.

So, our new, “New”? What is it? Well, it’s lots of things. Patrick is working as a contractor doing pretty much the same thing he was doing before. This means he’s home most days unless he’s at meetings with clients. Frankly, it’s awesome. We’re taking on a few events as “partners” this summer. Our new circumstances have allowed me to branch out and to add a few additional clients to this year’s schedule. You may see me blog about them and you may wonder why in the world you’re seeing sports talked about here, rest assured, I still love weddings but I’m pretty excited to work on some other events too.

There are several other new things happening around here too. I’ve learned through the years that in order to be creative and to draw that energy, I have to be in a space where I feel inspired. Right now, our little basement office leaves much to be desired in that category so I’m in the process of creating an inspiring space on a very tight budget. I’m also finally building a proper workspace across the hall. I do all of my work from home and you would not believe what I’ve been arranging flowers on for the past few years…let’s just say it also drys clothes. I’m blessed to have a Dad with a killer workshop who also happens to like to build things. Last week we built some pretty amazing things and I can’t wait to get them installed. I’ll be blogging more about the changes going on while we wait for wedding season to kick off. Speaking of new spaces, have you seen Photographer, Melissa Beck’s new space, it’s gorgeous and inspirational, take a look at her last few journal entries.

I’m also determined to create some goods. Last year I built an etsy storefront with the intention of growing Quintessential and branching out into some craft shows and I plan to follow through. Keep your eyes out for some fun items for your wedding and your home.

2012 will be full of surprises, that I know. So as I sit here blogging with baby Finnegan on my chest, I’m determined to make this year an awesome one for myself and all of my amazing clients. Life can continue to throw curve balls, I’m going to hit them out of the park.