I,  like most other girls, prefer to watch awards shows for the fashion. Yes, the awards are fun to watch but really I want to judge who the best and worst dressed are and to see what the new hot color is going to be and where the fashion industry is going. This year’s Emmys did not disappoint with fashion. Everyone blogs about the fashion, I could easily put up my favorite dresses (Heidi Klum, Julie Bowen and Ginnifer Goodwin) and my least favorite but lets talk about the parties, shall we.

When I started college I was determined to be the graphics director for the Oscars. I wanted to design all of the little short films with the words and award nominee names coming and going across the big screen. It took about a year but I realized that getting the words to look pretty and fancy on the screen took a whole lot of programming and technical smarts that I wasn’t interested in fine tuning. I was more interested in the look, not how to get to it. So I changed my major from Multimedia Design to Graphic Design where the focus was the actual words and overall design instead of making them move across the screen I made them look good on printed materials.While I didn’t necessarily stick to graphic design as my career I do still do a fair amount and enjoy it once in a while.

I do love parties and event design so when the big award shows roll around I want to see pictures of the table decor and the after parties. My favorite, hands down, after show party is the Governor’s Ball. The 2012 Emmy Governor’s Ball did not disappoint. With a red rose theme, the designers transformed the room into a glamorous space. The ceiling drape is breathtaking and the centerpieces, while we’ve seen the whole rose on top of a tall vase many times, these are beautiful because the florist (Caspian Designs) created a composite bouquet. Gorgeous, stunning and breathtaking. This isn’t the best photo but very few photographers are focused on flowers when there are stars in high fashion around.

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(If you’re a bride, how about a composite or glamelia rose for your bouquet?)

A few more pictures of the party.

Look at thelighting, rose gobos to further highlight the rose theme.

The ceiling is amazing!

The HBO Party is another one that has some amazing decor this year, look at the yellow flower hanging in the tent, I see a new trend starting: