2012 has passed, we closed out the year with our son’s first birthday party on New Year’s Eve, and while he was sick and there was a finger in the flame incident, I can’t think of a better way to move into a new year. Professionally, 2012 was a great year, I doubled the amount of events in my first year of full time work at Quintessential and worked with some absolutely inspiring and amazing clients. I worked with some amazing venues last year and I’m excited to be visiting them again, I was lucky enough to work with the same bridal party on two weddings and I had some seriously creative brides that pushed my comfort level and let me explore new materials and flowers.

Personally, 2012 was probably the toughest yet. My poor husband ran into lots of issues with his job and let’s just say there are some incredibly awful people out there and I’m hopeful that karma catches up to them in the end because we’re just not in it for a legal battle at this point in our lives. As a result of the craziness around employment in our household, we were able to spend the first year at home with Finn as a family and while financially it was grueling and still is, we are closer now than we ever have been. I watched my son transform from a tiny newborn to a little walking, babbling toddler and I’m so lucky to have a job with the flexibility to stay home and be a mom when I can.

So, as I look to fresh starts in 2013, I am looking back at the work I did in 2012 and I can say, I’m proud of where I’ve been able to take Quintessential and I’m very excited about new opportunities this year and the clients that have already joined the family.


Here’s a quick look back at some of 2012:
(Don’t mind the weird formatting on the pictures, my computer seems to be possessed today)